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Is Riverside good place for living ?

This are another pages about Riverside that you can find hundreds worldwide but I will try to show that my will be best soon. I'm Eric Wise - the blogger and traveler.
So where to start ? I was thinking long time about how this project should look like. So finally I decided to make a blog-like-page with some local community information's of Riverside.

If the Riverside is a really good place for live ?
OK then. If you need place to sleep - If you need to spend a night in Riverside you may pay attention to Motel 6. Do you like thrashcore ? - Go & listen to Music Club CMDX which is 2403.07 kilometers from RUHS Medical Center. If you like great movies like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid you can pick Regal Cinemas Riverside Plaza 16. ..